Pyramid Players Productions (P3) is a not for profit organization that empowers young people to discover hope and build self-worth through inspiring performance based arts and student athlete development initiatives in Chicago’s most challenged communities.

We redeem neighborhood jewels by developing and refining the talents of urban youth to create dynamic performers prepared for real-world success.

  • We provide high expectation opportunities to create dynamic community performances.
  • We create support systems through interactive community audience experiences.
  • We build a sustainable structure of financial support for engaging programs.
  • We leverage the accomplishments of young people to promote community pride and unity.

In 1994 Sharif Walker founded and directed the original Pyramid Players Productions (P3). Founded on the campus of Lincoln University in Jefferson City, Mo, P3 initially served as a support for young collegians seeking an outlet for their creative talents as writers, actors, directors and set designers. As a powerful performance group P3 performed original stage plays and spoken word poetry primarily out of the university’s Langston Hughes Theater. The group also occasionally travelled to deliver weekend performances in other urban city venues such as the DuSable Museum and Whitney Young High School in Chicago.

P3 was relatively inactive until 2006 when Walker discovered a need for highly skilled performance based opportunities in the Austin community on Chicago’s far west side. Realizing a diversity of options would help extend the reach of the organization to reach an increased amount of youth with a variety of different interests, he restructured P3 to provide dance and sports opportunities along with it’s original focus of theater.

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